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Tread the Med a Space Odyssey

Tread the Med a Space Odyssey Cycle Schedule

Get ready for a little space travel as we virtually travel to the moon and back. The Tread the Med schedule will be:

Cycle 1: August 21 – August 30
Cycle 2: August 31- September 9
Cycle 3: September 10-September 19
Cycle 4: September 20 – September 29
Cycle 5: September 30 – October 9
Cycle 6: October 10 – October 19
Cycle 7: October 20 – October 29
Cycle 8: October 30 – November 8
Cycle 9: November 9 – November 18
Cycle 10: November 19 – November 28

Yes, the cycle will go through Thanksgiving. We will need to walk off all of the holiday goodies!

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Tread the Med is a walking initiative sponsored by the Wellness Committee of Washington University School of Medicine. Our goal is to help you incorporate more walking into your daily life. Some activities are more difficult to calculate than others. View the Activity Conversion Chart to accurately track your steps!

With a combination of established trails called MedPaths, tracking tools and evidence-based tips, we’ll help you “Tread the Med” for better health.

Walking is one of the easiest ways to improve your health, get fit and prevent disease. Research shows that taking 10,000 steps per day (about 5 miles) will significantly improve your health. Remember, all walking counts towards your daily goal so get up and get walking!

  • Just  a reminder.  A reminder to enter steps will be sent at the end of each cycle, to team captains and our walkers who signed up to walk solo.
  • Recipes from walkers. Send in your favorite healthy recipe. If we choose your recipe, you will be recognized in the newsletter!
  • Rewards for million step walkers. As in the past, teams who reach the million step average will win the incentive prize. New this session however, anyone reaching the million steps will receive a prize. For example, if you are on a team that does not reach the goal, but you do, you will receive the prize!
  • Number of miles that can be added each day. I walker can add up to 26.2 miles per day on their personal tracking page.
  • Deleting a team member. Team captains will only be allowed to delete a teammate through Cycle 4. After Cycle 5 begins, no one will be able to be eliminated. Exceptions may apply.

Safety Tips for Walking

  • Be safe and be seen: Wear bright/light colored clothing or reflective material; carry a flashlight at night

  • Be alert: Drivers may not be paying attention to people walking on the sidewalk or near curbs

  • Be careful at crossings: Look before you step into the street

  • Dress appropriately during winter months

Warning: Consult your physician before beginning this or any exercise program. 

Fitness Tips

Campus Wide Tread the Med Map

Maximize your fitness efforts with a calorie counter.